Waiting on smart boards we are going to review the alphabet. Use this worksheet to create a notebook page that will show the letters of the alphabet.

Once you are finished you are going to be assigned a letter of the alphabet. Together we are going to make a photo book of the alphabet. You will use your desk as a backdrop and you will find objects that begin with that letter.


Getting excited to start the new year! This year we will be integrating Rosetta Stone language learning software as one of the many tools to help us learn Spanish. Middle school will do a quick review of the first level and then we will move on to Level 2. If you have the software at home you can work along with us! :)

    Middle School (6-8)

    Here you will find information on the units of study for our class. We will be utilizing the Rosetta Stone computer learning software in this class, as well as the use of several different textbooks and audio programs. If you have any questions feel free to email me at hmoore@cdlex.org.

    H. Moore 


    August 2013